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We have delivered our leadership development in +70 countries, and we have worked with everything from startups to governments, from mid- to large-cap to municipalities. We have fantastic track records and experience of leadership development. But there was something missing in how we deal with high performers.



Instead of trying to get high performers to slow down and adjust to "good enough" we wanted to create a context and a structure to let them shine – to make sure they are not just High Performers – but Sustainable High Performers.



That is what we do. Great leadership and Sustainable High Performers for executives.



Yes – golly – we help your organization develop leaders that lead strongly and perform on an even higher level without slamming themselves into that awful wall. Find more information about our leadership programs here.


We created this web store so that everyone, not only executives, could take action and become a sustainable leader. We want our books, kits and other material to be the perfect right-hand-man to help you achieve your dreams and feel good.

– Patrick Stahl, Lead Trainer